Collagen, the anti-aging protein

Discover 5 meals that will help you prevent skin and bone problems.

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Collagen is a protein with a highly complex molecular structure that helps us maintain strength and flexibility. It is the main component of skin, bones, nails, tendons, ligaments and muscles. There are 21 different types of collagen and it is all over our body. In mammals it is estimated to cover 25% of the total mass of proteins. A quarter part!

Being a protein is expected to absorb the body. This happens long before it really reaches our skin. That is why it is necessary to use creams and treatments when we suffer from dry skin, even when our collagen levels are balanced. That is why it is so familiar to relate the word "collagen" in skin care products, as rejuvenating creams.

However the lack of elasticity in the skin is more than aesthetic. For the formation of collagen it is necessary that our system carry out a process of synthesis, when this happens defectously we suffer from diseases related to weakness in the skin and the joints; Bone deformations and fractures; Muscle fragility and bleeding; Among other grave complications.

As you know, SynergyO2 offers you a food supplement containing collagen called SynergenO2, but before that we want to share a list of foods from which you can take advantage of your collagen production so that you take them into account in your next visit to the warrant.

Have you heard of Omega 3?

The fish has a rich percentage in Omega 3. Among its beneficial effects it is necessary to emphasize its protective role against cardiovascular diseases and its ability to lower triglyceride levels.

Soft and luminous skin

Consumption of soy products regularly will help stimulate the skin to retain our hydration, acting as antioxidant and promoting the stimulation of collagen naturally.

Blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry ...

These wild fruits will fight against the aging of your skin like a Jedi. They contain large amounts of Vitamin C that will help strengthen your immune system and produce collagen. Berries generally fight inflammatory conditions and are used in the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, phlebitis and hemorrhoids.

Pork feet
Although it sounds strange

It looks strange but chicken skin, dry fish belly and pig feet can help you strengthen your joints and ligaments.

Chinese Nest of Bird's Nest
Considered one of the rarest foods in the world
Promotes cell regeneration and optimizes the process of collagen synthesis.