Free radicals

Free radicals are everywhere, in the air, our bodies and in the materials that surround us.

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Free radicals cause deterioration of plastics, fading of paint, degradation of works of art, diseases related to aging and can contribute to heart attacks, cardiovascular accidents and cancer.

Free radicals are negatively charged molecules. In their quest to find another electron they cause damage to the surrounding molecules.

However, free radicals are also useful because they help important reactions in our bodies take place and can be used for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, custom-made plastics and other innovative materials.

How can SynergyO2 help?

SynergyO2 helps our body's defense systems to pursue and neutralize dangerous free radicals, making them useful and beneficial to our body. This is achieved through a process in which our body dissociates its water molecules and, along with the nutrients found in our colloidal liquid formula, new (nascent) oxygen is produced. Oxygen is produced by gradually providing the cells with just the right amount.