How to test your blood sugar appropriately

How many times have you tested your blood sugar this year?

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We are sure that you have done it on some occasion, it is not necessary that you have some type of diabetes, to check your sugar should be something that is done frequently to make sure that your levels are well and do not take a surprise more ahead. Pay attention to the following tips so that the next time you do, your results are correct and you can know your status.

1.-Cleaning is necessary. Before measuring your sugar, you must wash your hands with soap and water, this will make the remains of germs or other substances do not interrupt with your results. Also, make sure the lancet is not dirty or wet. For this we recommend that you do not keep it in places where it is suitable to accumulate dirt. Your test strips should also be kept in a clean place, they should only be removed from the container when they are to be used to prevent them from becoming infected.

2.-Where to prick you? The most common place where people usually prick is on the fingertips. However, it is recommended not to be directly on the bud but rather on one side of it. This is because if the yolks are pricked for an extended period of time, the fingerprints may become altered. In addition, it is advisable not to always punch the same finger, try to change your finger every time you go to do so your skin has more time to regenerate the next time you go to check your sugar.

3.-Disinfection. When you are cleaning the area where you are going to prick, try to always have soap and water on hand, it is preferable to use this instead of alcohol. Alcohol is considered a more aggressive substance for the skin.

4.-Do not press your skin. Once you have pricked yourself and you are waiting for the drop of blood to come out, do not press your skin for it to come out. Instead of doing this, simply position your hand as a "pendulum" and expect the feeling that your blood is going down your arm. Another tip is not to use cold water, as it prevents blood from flowing easily.

5.-Do not share your material. Like a toothbrush, your sugar meter is personal. So make sure you do not share your lancets about everything. In case you go to a public place where they check your sugar, ask that they always use a new lancet and that the person uses gloves totally disinfected.

6.-To use the first drop or the second one ?. According to studies, it has been recommended that the study be taken with the second drop of blood. It is important to emphasize that several studies have established that it is preferable to prick the finger more strongly instead of having to press it to get the drop.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you the next time you go to check your sugar.

Do not forget that you can always consult your doctor to confirm with him these tips that we have just offered.