Most common mistakes done after working out

Make sure not to do any of these mistakes

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It is very common that at the beginning of the year, people join a gym or start with a workout to lose weight. This is a very common practice, however, one should be careful, since increasing our food intake can result in an increase in triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose (blood sugar).

If you are one of those people who wants to start exercising after the holidays, we share the following mistakes that are often made when you finish exercising.

1.-Do not change your sportswear. In many cases, people end up exhausted by the routine they do and do not change the clothes they wore for the sport as soon as they finish. This is not hygienic due to the following factors.

You are more likely to get sick because the sweat that adheres to your clothes (no matter if you see or not) has many bacteria, which if they stay in contact with your body for a long time can damage your immune system or make your skin Is filled with small grains, as an allergy. In case you do not want to take a bath immediately after finishing your routine, at least change your shoes, socks and clothes, this will help keep your muscles warm and loose, which helps your body have better circulation and Recover sooner from physical wear and tear.
You must be careful not to leave your clothes wet with sweat, because in this cold season, you are more likely to cool.

2.-Finish your blow routine. A very common practice. It is normal and understandable that your energy is exhausted and you want to end the exercise already. However, it is not recommended that you do so. The best thing is to reduce the intensity and finish with exercise sessions that do not require much effort. You can finish with stretches, something similar to what you do before starting to exercise.

It is important that you do so as it will help your heart regain its normal rhythm and your muscles relax.

3.- Do not eat or drink anything. It is essential that after finishing with your routine, consume liquids, to replenish what your body lost during exercise. We recommend that you choose to drink water and not energizing drinks, since these only make you accelerate more instead of relaxing. These drinks are recommended before starting with exercise.

If you get hungry, try to consume foods that contain protein, such as white meats, nuts, almonds, etc. For nothing of the world you consume foods with much sugar or fat, since this will only make that your exercise routine does not have the desired effect.

4.-Very heavy meals. Something similar to the previous point, do not consume very heavy meals after finishing your routine and much less before going to sleep. This will only make you recover the calories you already lost. Also, going to sleep with lots of food in your stomach, makes sleeping more complicated, due to the digestion process that your body should do.

5.-Not getting enough sleep. Many are often overlooked. Every time you do not sleep at least 7 hours a day, your body does not recover 100%. This is because you do not give time to your brain and body tissues reestablish after the exhaustion they had. It does not matter if you feel tired or not, it is mandatory that you always take your rest hours. Apart from this will cause the next day you get up with more energy and you will feel more willing on a physical and mental level.
6.-Stay still. It is common that at the end of the exercise you want to lie on the bed or couch, even if it is tempting, try not to. Try to get you to do something that requires you to move, for example, you can go to wash dishes, accommodate clothes, put a washing machine, whatever it is so long as you keep moving. This is related to point 2, it is not healthy for your muscles to stop dry. This can also help you not to injure yourself.

7.-Take a bath immediately. Change your sportswear if it is something that you should do as soon as you finish your routine, however, taking a bath is not. When you exercise, your body can reach a temperature between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. If you take a bath with that temperature, your body when exposed to cold water, can cause it to affect your circulation and blood pressure.
Better take a bath as your body reduces its temperature and is not so agitated.

What do you think of these errors? Have you committed any of them? When you return to exercise try not to fall into these common mistakes.