The unknown fuel of the cells

Know what really makes your cells work

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Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone, also known as fuel cells is one of the most abundant elements present in the body. It provides energy directly to cells thanks to its water-soluble antioxidant, which allows it to penetrate rapidly into the cell unlike other antioxidants.

The coQ10 enters the mitochondria (one of the parts of the cells), which is where ATP (molecule that is responsible for providing energy to the body) is necessary for all cellular processes such as contraction and relaxation of muscles , The proper functioning of internal organs, among others. They are concentrated in organs such as the heart and liver, being efficient for the treatment of cardiac diseases, also for its energizing characteristics the coenzyme Q10 is very used in the sport.


At present, there may be a deficit due to various factors, not only because of age, but also because of nutritional deficiencies, illnesses or the use of certain medications. The lack of approximately 25% of the concentrate in the body of coQ10 can cause serious health problems, since the body needs a lot of energy for its good functioning, becoming an essential element for life.

People with coQ10 deficiency tend to have a slow metabolism, so supplementing with coQ10 together with a low calorie diet can be an effective formula for weight loss.

There are foods rich in this element, such as: soybean, broccoli, cod liver oil, sardine, salmon and peanut, however it is difficult to know how much coQ10 actually contains a food, that is why supplementation is an excellent choice to know in How much we are consuming it and to be able to cover our daily requirement that is approximately of 60 mg to the day.

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