Getting fit has never beenthis easy

SynergyO2 FIT is the ideal combination between protein and low glycemic index carbohydrates which enable our body to be more active and turn it into a calories-reducer machine by burning calories with each movement, the best part is that your energy remains the same. SynergyO2 FIT has a low amount of maltodextrin, which besides being a fast assimilation carbohydrate prevents flour, refined sugars and low nutritional foods (junk food or fast food) intake when you are following a strict diet.

The most delicious wayto lose weight

SynergyO2 FIT is your ideal partner if you want to lose weight in a healthy and delicious way. You have two options for this: chocolate and vanilla. As you can see, your only concern will be what flavor to choose. The ideal blend of three protein sources in SynergyO2 FIT strengthens it and produces a greater bioavailability (capacity of the body to assimilate components) and a wider range of amino acids which provide benefits to our organism. Such as proper nutrition and also hunger control.

Take SynergyO2 FIT and surprise your taste buds with a sweet vanilla or chocolate flavor.

Helps turn fat into energy, which makes you lose weight faster.

Helps reduce cellulite and loose skin as a result from weight loss.

Sweetened with Stevia which is a healthy alternative for sweetening your drinks. It would be difficult for you to notice the difference between Stevia and common sugar.

Could help prevent gallstones or kidney stones.

May help reduce cholesterol levels

Aids with blood pressure.

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Is SynergyO2 FIT a medicine?

No, SynergyO2 FIT is not a medicine. SynergyO2 FIT is a nutritional supplement and works according to your body’s priorities and where it is most needed. SynergyO2FIT is not destined to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How should I take SynergyO2 FIT?

Mix one cup (240ml) of lactose-free milk with one measure of SynergyO2 FIT (30gr) in a blender. If you’re looking for a cold shake, mix milk with ½ cup of ice in blender and add one measure of SynergyO2 FIT. Blend for approximately 10 seconds.
We recommend you to take one delicious SynergyO2 FIT shake as breakfast and eat healthy foods as lunch. Its effects work better with SynergyO2 (Liquid Oxygen) and with SynergenO2 (Hydrolyzed Collagen)

How can SynergyO2 FIT help me lose weight?

SynergyO2 FIT contains green coffee beans extract which contain a high chlorogenic acid value (+50%), this acid suppresses appetite up to a 40%, this means that SynergyO2 FIT helps you control your calories intake. Raspberry ketones contribute to weight loss due to its capacity to make the body’s metabolism faster. Also, it contains African mango which is a powerful appetite suppresser.

In what way can SynergyO2 Sport give me an energy boost?

SynergyO2 FIT contains African mango, which is a natural ingredient that not only suppresses appetite, it also increases your energy levels. It is important to point out that it’s rich in nutrients and an important source of fiber and antioxidants. It provides the body with vitamin C and a great quantity of minerals, such as calcium and iron.

What proteins and which benefits offers SynergyO2 FIT?

The ideal blend of three protein sources in SynergyO2 FIT makes it stronger and produces a greater bio availabity (product capacity to assimilate components) and a wider range of amino acids. These three proteins are: milk whey, pea protein and soy protein.
Milk whey protein is considered the protein with the most bio availability, it strengthens the immune system preventing certain diseases.
Soy protein offers greater benefits than isoflavones when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. This means that it helps reduce cardiovascular disease.
Pea protein contains high levels of L-Arginine which is ideal to increase the natural production of human growth hormone (HGH). .

Who can take SynergyO2 FIT?

Anyone can enjoy its benefits, especially those who want to stay in shape in a healthy way without starving. We do not recommend SynergyO2 FIT to people under 18 years old, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. However, you can consult your medical specialist in order to get more informed.

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