SynergyO2 can make you feel more energized, focused, and healthier than you ever have. It contains a bio-available form of oxygen and essential minerals that the body needs for optimal health and functioning. The exclusive formula has been validated by many independent research studies worldwide. Scientists, doctors, and people just like you report that it works.

Experience the power of oxygen for optimal health

Oxygen plays a powerful and primary role in your body's physical and mental performance. An increasing number of researchers now confirm that the best way to improve health and fitness is related to the optimum oxygenation of every cell. Sufficient oxygen is needed for the body to rebuild itself as well as for our abilities to think and act. It is also vital for proper metabolic functions, blood circulation, assimilation of nutrients, elimination of cellular and metabolic waste, and a strong immune system. Consequently, low levels of oxygen disrupt the body's ability to function properly. Unfortunately, even though we are surrounded by oxygen, our modern lives are teeming with unavoidable factors that impede it from reaching our cells, where it is needed most.

SynergyO2 is packed with an exclusive bio-available form of dissolved oxygen combined with the minerals that your body needs the most. Our revolutionary nutritional supplement is scientifically formulated to provide activated oxygen molecules and essential trace minerals to your cells, fortifying your body and creating a level of health and vitality you've never experienced before. The proprietary formula has been the subject of many independent research studies all over the world. No other activated oxygen supplement formula has undergone as much scrutiny and validation.

Who may benefit from taking SynergyO2?
Just about everyone , especially:

-Air travellers
-Short distance and long haul drivers
-People who have high stress lives and jobs
-Active people of all ages
-People who live, work or play in unhealthy environments
-It’s also a great boost after a night out

What can SynergyO2 do for you?

Research testing and thousands of testimonials have noticed the following when taking SynergyO2:

  • -Dramatically boosts energy levels
  • -Helps strengthen immune system
  • -Heightens concentration and alertness
  • -Provides a calming effect on nervous system
  • -Helps relieve headaches
  • -Reduces symptoms of hangovers
  • -Assists liver in cleansing itself of toxins
  • -Helps with inflammatory conditions; assists the body in carrying away cellular debris and free radical toxins
  • -Improves blood circulation without drug side effects
  • -Promotes faster recovery from injury, stress, or strenuous exercise
  • -Promotes weight loss by increasing energy production and fat burning
  • -Ideal for skin and acne care; repairs damage and improves skin appearance and texture
  • -Promotes healing and provides relief for rashes, bug bites, sunburns, or first-degree burns
  • -A safe and natural hand sanitizer, vegetable/fruit wash, or antibacterial surface spray
  • -Preserves water storage and control harmful anaerobes

Learn about liquid oxygen and know its benefits on your body

A recent research from the University of Arizona in the United States indicates that oxygen levels in the atmosphere a thousand years ago averaged around 35% to 40%, compared with only 21% of our time.
Currently, the levels are even less in cities and industrial complexes, with only 12-17%.
At these levels, it is difficult for people to get enough oxygen to maintain a healthy body; an adequate intake of oxygen is needed to keep cells, body organs and the entire immune system with an operation of full capacity.

What is SynergyO2?

SynergyO2 is a liquid colloidal highly concentrated and super mineralized formula. Its powerful solution contains the essential trace minerals, amino acids, plant source silica and electrolytes, all combined in a base which permits the dissociation of the water molecule in the body.
SynergyO2 helps increase cellular inhalation, providing more oxygen at cellular level, which is ideal for dislodging toxic substances from our bodies. Also, it helps to eliminate free radicals and generously nurture cells. SynergyO2 is a great option if you're looking to elevate your energy levels.

SynergyO2 is:
-Drug free
-Manufactured with natural ingredients
-Manufactured in an FDA approved lab
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At Synergy O2 we are leaders in quality and innovation

It has been proven that a lack of oxygen in human cells and tissues is linked to a great variety of health issues and diseases. Therefore, it is vital to complement our organism with an extra amount of oxygen

What happens when there is a lack of oxygen?

The initial symptoms may include changes in the color of your skin, ranging from blue to cherry red, confusion, cough, fast heart rate, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, sweating and wheezing. It is important to state that these symptoms can vary from person to person.

A lack of oxygen could lead to mortal diseases such as cancer. Cancer and the vast majority of infections can't reproduce on a place which is rich in oxygen. Otto Warburg, who has won twice the Nobel Prize , affirms that "the main cause of cancer is the remplacement of body's cells with normal oxygen levels to anaerobic cellular respiration.

Synergy O2 is absorbed rapidly at cellular level. This forms nascent oxygen throughout the body. From the first time you consume Synergy O2 the body will respond in kind. Vital organs and body tissues begin to cleanse, followed by a reconstruction process and finally followed by a nourishment process.

Why is SynergyO2 the best option?

The majority of diseases that human beings suffer are caused by chronic oxygen deficiency to a cellular level, which leads to dangerous toxin accumulation and acid waste in our system, creating a favorable environment for bacteria, viruses and pathogens. This anaerobic (lack of oxygen) condition can produce cellular mutation.

SynergyO2 allows nascent oxygen to be generated by the dissociation of some water molecules found in the body, thus forming nascent oxygen and hydrogen atoms. SynergyO2 splits a water molecule into atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, this last one negatively charged. Free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms positively charged. Opposite charges attract themselves and the atoms bind. The result is a new and safe oxygen molecule bioavailable at a cellular level.
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